You’ve been invited to interview. You’re nervous and want to prepare ahead. Learn how to ace a job interview.

How to ace the interview

Before the interview

Research the company using sources like LinkedIn, Glassdoor and their website. Understand the company’s values align with yours. Any questions you may have that were not answered during your search are great to write down and ask during interview.

At arrival

Walk in feeling confident, own the position and be personable. Greet people as you walk into the building – the security guard, the janitor, the front desk attendant. A simple “Good morning” “Hi, how are you?” can lead to a small conversation with someone and will help you ease your mind.

Introduce yourself with a smile and let a person know why you are there. As you’re sitting down waiting, make conversation with those around you. If they are team members, ask them questions such as “How long have you worked here?” “How’s it going today?” or “The weather is beautiful outside.” This will help you loosen up as well and get to know others in the building. Also, just a hint, managers ask their team feedback about you when you first walked in. Remember, first impression is important!

The time has come!

As the hiring manager walks up to you, stand up, greet him/her with a smile. As you’re walking towards the interview room, the manager will make small talk with you. Engage! Don’t shy away! The manager is setting the tone for you and wants you to feel comfortable. The more engaging you are, the more you will feel comfortable during the interview.

Posture is important! Sit up straight and always maintain eye contact.

Answer the questions thoroughly and use examples if possible. Nothing lets a manager know and understand more about you than your experience and examples. Sure, they read your resume but engaging in conversation helps them get to know you better.

Don’t stray away from the question. 

If you need to think about your answer, do so and ask for a moment to think. 

Don’t give vague answers. Vague answers mean that you’re not interested, not engaged and not a fit! Don’t sell yourself short!

Don’t get personal. You’ve warmed up and are feeling much more comfortable so you start getting into details about your personal life. NO! NO! There’s no need to talk about your marital status, children, issues at home, etc. If you won’t discuss it on a first date, don’t do it at your interview!

Ask your questions. Take down notes. 

Ask about next steps. It’s important to know if you’re still considered a candidate or not. You may be a better fit for a different position. It’s okay to ask this question.

Thank them for the opportunity to interview.

Interviews are your moment to shine. Sell yourself. Noone knows you better than you. If you’re shy or don’t know what to say, talk about your experience. What experience do you have that is relevant to the position? What are your career goals? What are your skills and attributes? The more confidence you have in yourself, the more you are owning the position, the closer it is to being yours!

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